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Sara: The Super Bowl Half Time Show sucked! Justin Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson's outfit to expose her breast! The whole Viacom organization should be fined like hell!

Ann: They should have known better...It was national tv...Nudity is not allowed on National TV...The really weird thing about it is...that Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson will probably go up in record sales for this.

Scarlet Termite: They already have, Annibelle my sweet. That whole thing was planned as a publicity stunt. And, unfortunately, it worked.

Ann: Shouldn't Janet be in jail comforting Michael? Oh I'm sorry...I forgot he still walking around free.

Theresa: Because Janet Jackson was wearing a pastie does that disqualify her for her Jerry Springer beads, somebody call Jerry, maybe he could do a show at Never, Never Land.

Mary: I love your idea. Never have I seen so many cuts of the same picture. I am so sick of the whole mess. The TV programs have given us so much of this peep show, why are they worried about our young people seeing this on Sunday, when they keep showing it over and over... Sick of it...Mary

Leslie Kramer: The lines of appropriateness have become blurred in this country among many groups of people. I am very sad that my 6 year old daughter and my 8 year old son witnessed that sleezy mess at the Super Bowl. Many times in the last few years I have begun to wonder why any man or woman has the right to expose themselves to myself, my children, or my husband without our permission. Why do they presume that they (those breast exposing females)have the right? I attended the 100th Harley celebration last August and was disgusted by the nudity there. I have had enough! It is a sad day when you realize there are so many people, needy for attention and driven to be exhibitionists. The lines are not blurred for me. Janet Jackson, you are not a lady, and you have no class. I hope that you do not benefit from any contracts by any sponsors in the near future. I hope that you are not picked up by any network for any reason in the near future. There are consequences for everything, and I hope you discover yours. Justin, you are no better. I feel it is important for me as a mother to guide my children and to teach them the difference between right and wrong. You are an example of what is wrong.

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