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Ann Stewart: Here is another silly question does anybody care about the 2 minute marriage of Britney Spears?

Arty P.: Ann asked: "here is another silly question does anybody care about the 2 minute marriage of Britney Spears?" Funny you should ask Ann because I had quite a lot to say about this on my blog. It is one of the themes I am most repetitive about when I bemoan the state of marriage in this country so Mrs Spears New Years efforts where like fish in a barrel for me.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I suppose I should hardly be surprised, but any uncertainty about what I would talk about on my return from my New Year hiatus was removed by the news from the weekend that Britney Spears tied the knot in a "joke marriage". I was appalled. Some might say this is not the first time that Liberals have got involved in a "joke marriage", pointing to Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli and the Clintons as shining examples but I really think Britney Spears has dragged this trend to a new low.

It seems hard to believe that only a few years ago, even as Miss Spears gyrated and moaned in a skimpy schoolgirls uniform, that her minister, as I recall, was telling people she was a fine example to American children as she promoted chastity before marriage. I wonder just exactly what that minister is saying these days as she tongue-kisses (married) women on stage, gets drunkenly married to some new boyfriend, intending to annul the sham as soon as she sobers up, having long ago been outed by ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake as being a bit lean on the truth as regards the whole chastity thing.

In short, Britney Spears is a disgrace!

Perhaps she feels embarrassed in front of her Liberal friends that she ever said something as untrendy, even down-right heretical!, as young women ought to see chastity before marriage as an acceptable lifestyle option. She has now tried to redeem herself for her youthful discretions by going the whole hog the other way and making a mockery out of the very institution of marriage itself!

I have gone on record before as worrying about the way young heterosexual people in this country view marriage, so to some extent Mrs Spears may be a mere victim of a more widespread malaise. But she is also a role model, or WAS anyway (I hear her new record has bombed!), to millions of young girls in this country. Those of us who shuddered at her early attempts to sexualise the schoolyard by cutting several inches off the hem of her uniform and wearing unacceptably breast-enhancing bras in that first video, now look on those days with nostalgia as a throwback to more innocent times.

I can only hope Mrs Spears latest outrage is simply the death rattle of a career spiralling down the toilet as she plummets towards irrelevance and the inevitable Playboy spread, before finally joining that great pantheon of former child pop stars as she is finally christened, for the next generation, "Britney Who?"

I look back on my own Wedding day as one of the finest of my life, and it has provided me, through my long life with some of the very finest memories I have had the fortune to possess. My daughter's wedding has likewise given me a number of fond recollections (Not to mention one of the most embarrassing and infuriating, when, after the Pastor invited the congregation to give any reasons why it should not take place, Cousin Willie shouted out that marriage was a "bourgeois convention" and that anyway "God is dead!")

Marriage should be a proud day when you declare to your community your willingness and intent to cleave to your beloved for a lifetime of struggles and strife, interrupted by the occasional brief interlude of contentment. It provides the building blocks from which we have constructed this great nation of America. It should not be a boozy dash to a Vegas altar to stagger down a makeshift aisle with a bellhop and say "I do" with some random stooge, while swigging from a hipflask, and shouting down your cellphone at your rich liberal lawyer to prepare the paperwork for an annulment for the coming day.

The repurcussions for Mrs Spears have yet to become clear. Not ALL publicity is good publicity, as Michael Jackson has lately discovered to his cost, and it could be, and SHOULD be that this will be the final straw that breaks the back of the camel that is the US public's affection for this increasingly dissolute young harlot. But if there is an upswing in the number of "joke marriages" among young American children, the way showing off your underwear took off when Mrs Spears set the trend, then I will weep once more for the America that we have lost. And that the Liberals have taken away from us.


Ann Stewart:Hey Arty...I'm going to use that on my star talk blog...You are the best dude...Kiss Kiss.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 1:57 PM.COMMENTS

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DC: Does anyone really care all that much that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez split up?

Ann: I always think it's silly when famous people only date famous people...I think they only do it to be more famous....They get press off it...that is why they do it...and what is really bad is people just talk about it all the time...I started a blog for this kind of silly stuff, not because I care about it...but because other people do.

Laura in LA: Nah, I can care less about Ben and Jennifer.

Ann: Maybe you don't Laura, but a lot of kiddies do.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 9:27 PM.COMMENTS

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Keziah: That whole Michael Jackson case, it's sad really. He's so talented and has contributed so much to the World. But he's not taking all that's happening seriously, he just makes it worse by acting so immature. It's as if he doesn't see the seriousness of what is happening.

Ann Stewart: Boy you got that right Keziah...my dear friend...I saw him on CNN on top of the car and took some pictures of it...I remember Jeff Tooblin reported saying some people could have gotten seriously hurt from his stunt and he just complained of being brutally beaten by the police and he was suppose to have a hurt shoulder and he just didn't seem hurt that day so no one felt like the brutality claims he made were real...but I wasn't there and I don't know...I do know a lot of people think he is guilty already...Jackson has just been accused of child molestation to many times now. So the majority of the world thinks he's guilty already and he should see that alone is serious, whether he wins or loses in this court case. Of course I would feel really sorry for him if he wasn't guilty, but it's hard not to think he is.


LaJuan Talk of Stars 8:53 PM.COMMENTS

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Ann Stewart: Why is President Bush kissing up to Tom Brady. Mr. President wants Tom's endorsement. Do endorsements really mean that much? Read this DRUDGE REPORT and this article by DAVID WHITLEY...That will tell you why President Bush wants Brady to be his Political Puppy Dog.

Sindhu Kumar: Got to see super bowl bound new England quarter back Tom Brady seated a row behind First Lady Laura Bush at yesterday's state of the union address.

Ann Stewart: Yep Sindhu...Presidnet Bush is kiss'in ass for his endorsement...Kinda like last time he kissed up to Ricky Martin for his endorsement so he could get more Hispanic votes. It was kinda cute though to see President GW Bush Shake'in his Bon Bon to Ricky Martin's music.


LaJuan Talk of Stars 8:52 PM.COMMENTS

<$Talk Of Stars$>

Oh me pretty pirate....can I be your first mate? Which pirate do you love the most? Give me your answers in the comment box.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 7:49 PM.COMMENTS

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Christine Nicholls: I love the photos of Peter Cetera. Keep up the good work.

Ann Stewart: Thanks Christine Nicholls I adore Peter too. He's a real sweetheart. I've met him a few times and he is a real angel on earth. Cool as a new ice-box freezer too. I think I've always wanted to fight for his honor.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 11:08 AM.COMMENTS

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Keziah: Hey ya'll. King Abdullah's birthday is in January, the 30th I think. He's got an official site too. Hey have you ever seen pics of King Abdullah in a bathing suit? I saw a couple of him in a bathing suit but um sexy isn't the word I'd use.

Mono: I think King Abdullah is handsome. He's short, but he's cute in my opinion.

Keziah: He's kind of cute. But those pics were bizarre

Mono: King Abdullah reminds of the middle aged cute round happy guy you see and I like the way he talks. It sound very English and refined. You'll have to send me some of those pix so I can judge for myself. I saw King Abdullah on CNN not to long ago. He looked really handsome. He was in a nice suit and he was just adorable, for a cute little short guy.

Keziah: I like his cheeks and his accent.

Mono: I really liked how King Abdullah handled the War with Iraq. He tried not to get involved, but he wanted the UN to have leadership in the finding of WMD and believed we shouldn't go to war, and I will say that I agree with him on that. I feel sorry for a little country like Jordan to be in such a hostile area, but I do think King Abdullah handled the war really well and is doing good at keeping Jordan neutral in this conflict.

Keziah: It's just that for me seeing him in a bathing suit was just weird.

Mono: Well I like him as a leader I guess. I hope he stays on our American leaders good side and so far he has done that. I hope there is some peace in that area soon.

Keziah: The war was difficult for everybody. Nasty how cowardly Saddam was in the end, hiding in a hole and all. Hopefully there will be peace soon. There's just some people who try to mess it up for the people that want peace.

Mono: There's a new talk site out on HRH King Abdullah. I think he's a interesting subject to talk about. The photo is from BBC News.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 11:04 AM.COMMENTS

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LaJuan Talk of Stars 10:59 AM.COMMENTS

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Georgia Peaches: Hey y'all if you haven't seen Mona Lisa Smile, go see it!!! It will totally make women feel good about themselves.

Erin: I saw Mona Lisa Smile Sunday night. It was really good.

Sunshine: Mona Lisa Smile hun? I will have to check that one out. Is that a chick flick? I haven't seen it, but I just can't get into chick flicks. Love movies make me fall asleep. I slept all the way though "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Pretty Women" was just borning. Just my opinion. I do want all you folks to know there is a talk site on movies if you would like to give me your scoop on them. Here’s the link.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 4:20 PM.COMMENTS

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Ann: This kid's music is spreading like wildfire. He's got one awesome voice. His new hit song Invincible is being played on the radio station repeatedly over and over again all day. He’s the fellow who won on American Idol, and it sure sounds like he deserved it. He just did the Ellen show today and he was a simple talented sweetie. Read what the New York Times has to say about him.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 10:59 AM.COMMENTS

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Last night I went to see the movie "Stuck On You." This movie is about conjoined twins. I think the movie will just go to prove more evidence that the phenomenon of conjoined twins is a most interesting phenomenon that is capturing the public interests. So many people have so many questions about this interesting medical phenomenon like "WHAT CAUSES THIS TO HAPPEN?" & "WHAT COULD BE DONE TO PREVENT IT?" Or if you are of a religious faith "WHY WOULD GOD ALLOW SUCH A THING TO HAPPEN?"

Most people look upon the happening of being conjoined as being a bad thing, a birth defect or a heartbreaking situation, but this movie "Stuck On You," I think tried to put it in a different perspective. It was the story of 2 men being conjoined at the hip and I will have to say for this movie it was meant to be a comedy, but it was just not funny. Matt Damon, and Greg Kinnear failed to make me laugh even one time in the entire movie. I'm sorry, but the story line had great potential, but they just didn't perform the physical comedy very well. Not all of my review of this movie will be bad though, because there were cameo performances by Cher and Meryl Streep, where Cher very coolly picked on herself by playing a bitch star who sleeps with little college boys. That was cool Cher. Very Very Cool!!! That fun performance might just make this movie worth seeing. I think I love people who make fun of themselves and the actors Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are very prettyboys, who just aren't funny.

Anyway, back to the talk of conjoined twins. Like I said most people consider it bad to see a situation of conjoined twins, and most of them die when they are separated as adult conjoined twins, like the adult Iranian conjoined twins Ladan and Laleh Bijani, that died during separation surgery. But this movie was different, this shows conjoined twins growing up conjoined and then wanting to be separated and getting separated successfully and then (this is the questionable part) getting depressed cause they successfully lived through the separation surgery? Well OK I guess anything goes in a comedy movie, but it's still not funny.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 2:07 PM.COMMENTS

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