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I was just strolling though my old People Magazines when I came upon a young picture of one of my favorite actors, Benicio Del Toro and incase you didn't know it Benicio has a official website that gives all the up-to-date accurate information and news about him. There is also a contact page where you can email him. I love that site and you would too if you visited it.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 11:21 PM.COMMENTS

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Sara: Vin Diesel keeps hitting on E.T.'s Maria Menounos because he thinks that he is so damn smooth with the ladies like Keith Oblermann and Dan Abrams. I think I don't like men who flirt with a lot of women except for Kelso on THAT'S 70'S SHOW. Well, hell that gives me a chill up my spine.

Mono: I always kinda thought Vin Diesel was kinda arrogant. He once said something in an interview like he knows how to related to the hot chick at a bar that keeps getting hit on, cause it happens to him all the time. I thought that was kinda arrogant. Like he thinks everybody wants him. I love his deep voice though. His voice sends chills down my spin.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 12:07 PM.COMMENTS

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Keziah: Tuesday was Prince Ali's 28th Birthday... The Jordanian Times printed this about him:

"The Prince, born on Dec. 23, 1975 in Amman, is the son of Their Majesties King Hussein and Queen Alia. He attended various schools in Jordan, the United Kingdom and the United States.
In 1993, the Prince graduated from Salisbury School in Connecticut where he excelled in sports, primarily wrestling, winning different championships.

After serving in the Jordanian Special Forces as a pathfinder and earning his military freefall parachute wings, Prince Ali joined the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and was commissioned as an officer in December 1994.

At Sandhurst Prince Ali was awarded the Brunei Medal for Excellence.

Following Sandhurst, Prince Ali studied the philosophy of politics and religious mysticism at Princeton and Columbia universities in the US. He also took a course in Islamic Sharia.

Prince Ali is president of the Jordan Football Association as well as the West Asian Football Association.

He is also president of the Prince Ali Club for the Deaf and the Mute and Al Jeel Al Jadeed Club.

Prince Ali is fluent in Arabic, English and Circassian, and his hobbies include skydiving, scuba diving, snow and water skiing, martial arts, rock climbing and horseback riding. In 1988, he led a team of Jordanian Circassians on horseback through Syria and Turkey to their ancestral homeland in the Northern Caucasus.

Prince Ali other's interests are the study of history, primarily medieval Islamic history, and reading and writing poetry.

The Prince holds Al Kawkab Medal of the First Order as well as several foreign decorations, including a British knighthood.

He has also served as Regent to His Majesty King Abdullah.

He holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Jordan Armed Forces and presently commands King Abdullah's Special Security Unit of the Royal Guards.

Prince Ali is also president of the Jordanian Royal Commission for Film."

Maybe all of us who like Prince Ali can sign a virtual card or something and send it to him via Princess Haya's Website. Send him like a greeting or something. What do you think?

Photos are from Petra News

LaJuan Talk of Stars 9:13 AM.COMMENTS

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Last I heard this guy was suppose to be in Baltimore shooting the firefighter drama called Ladder49. I read in People magazine he has adopted a rigorous workout regimen to prepare for his role. Bust he was uncomfortable using his gym, so the film's production company bought him thousands of dollars worth of exercise and had it ship to his suite. Among the pieces cluttering up his room are a leg machine, curl machine, an incline bench, a full set of weights and dumbbells, a medicine ball and a Reebok Core Board (which is a exercise platform) and all of this was free to Joaquin. My opinion on this is.... Dear God do they spoil these actors or what? Well he's awful cute. Maybe that's why they give him free stuff. Have you ever looked at his eyes shine? His eyes are killer.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 2:20 PM.COMMENTS

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Jet: I just bought the new Bon Jovi CD "This Left Feels Right". It's actually a bunch of their songs done over in a different way. It's an excellent CD if anyone is thinking of picking it up. Rick Springfield has a new CD out in February. Can't wait!!

Ann: Hey Jet thanks for the report on the Bon Jovi CD. I found a bunch of nice pictures of them out on the web and I thought I would post them. I haven't got the album yet, but I will check it out. I love their older music. I think it was the best anyway. They have had a few new hits but none of their work they have done in the past few years comes close to being as good as their old stuff. There is one song I love of Richie Sambora's that is called Hard Times Come Easy. Great song, you should listen of it.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 1:44 PM.COMMENTS

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I saw Lord of the Rings Return of the King tonight and I have to say yes it was a great movie, but the ending stunk. You know I heard that the producers really didn't know how to end this movie and it was obvious that they didn't end it right. At the end of the movie Frodo, Gandalf and the Elfs go floating off in a boat to God knows where for God knows what reason. They didn't explain the ending every well, and all the cute little Hobbits are crying. God only knows why they are crying, it's like everybody lived so what's the problem? Besides the ending being kind of silly the movie itself was great. It was action packed and full of fighting. I will have to say it's worth the money to see this movie.

Now I'm just waiting on the next Star Wars movie to come out. I will have to say George Lucas has failed to make the new Star Wars trilogy even come slightly close to being as great as the first 3 movies. The first Stars Wars trilogy was awesome. Han Solo was the best actor/character and Chewbacca was cool as my freaky refrigerator. I loved the first Stars Wars. Unlike most women who love chick flick, I never could sit though a romantic movie without getting bored. I blame my brainy brothers for turning me into a sci-fi action and adventure move freak. Please George Lucas make this last Star Wars movie better than the last 2 movies you made, but I do have to say the best part of the last Star Wars movie, which was titled Star Wars Attack of the Clones, was when Yoda kicked ass in that movie. Watching that little guy hop around and whip the big bad guys butt was hilarious, but then again George Lucas had to put in that silly sappy stupid love scene in the movie that really made the future evil Darf Vader look like a little silly sissy. That was stupid. It's bad enough that the Matrix 2 or Matrix Reloaded was such a big let down. I mean I loved the first Matrix movie and understood it perfectly, but it's sad to say I watch Matrix Reloaded 2 times and really didn't really get it. I was like what? Matrix Reloaded moved so fast that I felt like my brain was raped after I watched that movie. I just couldn't understand it or keep up with it. I hope the Wachowski brothers, which are the producer of Matrix trilogy, make the 3rd movie a little more clearer than the last one. But I will have to say all three of these trilogies are worth seeing. I wouldn't miss them for a hot date with the devil.

Oh yeah just incase you have a scoop on movies you would like to share we have a movie talk site where you can tell us all about it. Here's the link.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 12:27 AM.COMMENTS

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LaJuan Talk of Stars 11:52 PM.COMMENTS

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The hottest new young thing in movies is Orlando Bloom.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 11:48 PM.COMMENTS

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Ann: Viggo Mortensen you may know him from the "Lord of the Rings" hit trilogy, but this guy is a little more than just an actor. He's a poet, painter, photographer and a few other things as well. I found a lot of fans sites on him, so he has a lot of fans. You can read some of his poetry from this website and here is his bio. I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings and Viggo has a new movie coming out soon too called "Hidalgo". It looks like it could be a great movie too. It's about a race the Arabian Desert. Here is a trailer website on it. You don't want to miss Lord of the Ring The Return of the King. This movie could be considered the best one yet.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 5:35 PM.COMMENTS

<$Talk Of Stars$>


THIS IS FROM CNN: Jackson was charged with nine counts -- seven of child molestation and two of administering an intoxicating agent for the purpose of a committing a felony.

The charges involve incidents alleged to have occurred in February and March of this year, District Attorney Tom Sneddon said.

In addition, the complaint includes special allegations that could make Jackson ineligible for probation in the case, Sneddon said.

Sneddon added in a prepared statement that the alleged victim will take the stand at a trial.

Thursday's charges were filed in Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria, a working-class town close to Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

The charging documents were delivered to a court clerk and specific counts were not immediately released.

The filing came as sources familiar with the case said District Attorney Tom Sneddon had agreed to delay Jackson's arraignment a week to January 16, and return Jackson's passport to allow him to travel overseas.

Sneddon earlier had pledged to file charges this week and scoffed at suggestions his case was falling apart.

"Everything will become clear when the charges are filed," Sneddon said earlier this month.

Jackson, 45, was booked November 20 on suspicion of multiple counts of child molestation in Santa Barbara and is free on $3 million bond.

The singer and his lawyers maintain he is innocent, and contend that the boy in the current case and his family have brought the allegations for financial gain.

Last week, a memo from a Los Angeles child welfare agency was leaked to the news media in which the agency said the latest allegations of sexual abuse against Jackson are "unfounded."

Sneddon last week said he discounted the memo because his office has more information.

"Our investigators were aware of the contents of the memo prior to seeking the search warrants and arrest warrant for Mr. Jackson," Sneddon said.

Asked if thought the leaked memo hurt his case, Sneddon replied, "No, we are not worried."

Jackson was accused in 1993 of molesting a different boy, but formal charges were never filed and that case was reportedly settled for millions of dollars. Sneddon was the district attorney who looked into that case.

Scarlet Termite: Let's hope it sticks this time and money doesn't get him out of it. The man has serious problems and needs treatment but more he needs to be away from the public and especially the kids. I am still surprised that they let him have his passport back, but maybe it's like I heard on CNN today..where can he go that he wouldn't be recognized?


LaJuan Talk of Stars 5:49 PM.COMMENTS

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Ann: Lord of the Rings Return of the King: You have got to see this movie. I am hearing nothing but rave reviews on it. Although I haven't got to see it myself, cause it just opened today in my home town, but people have been standing in line to get into the movie theater, and you should also read this bio on Orlando Bloom if you can remember he also played in Pirates of The Caribbean which was a great movie as well and lately Orlando seems to be making all the right career moves as of now that a young new actor can make. I also made a talk site for movie reviews so you can give us your idea of your favorite movies.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 5:25 PM.COMMENTS

<$Talk Of Stars$>

Talk on Madonna Endorsing Wesley Clark

Arty P.: Madonna Endorsing Clark - one shameless whore embracing another.

Clark Blogger: Madonna might endorse Wesley Clark? SWEET!!!! Hopefully everyone will jump on the bandwagon which will be a good thing. Were can we find this info about Madonna endorsing Clark?

buzzextract: The Scoop is reporting that the U.K. resident had a private meeting with General Clark where "They met and talked issues." Apparently the material girl/childern's author was "very impressed with his vision for America." Hollywood seems to be embracing the General which should secure his position as the Vice Presidential candidate to Howard Dean, whom I know believe may have a slight, slight, slight, very, very, very, very small chance of being elected President.

Sunshine: I don't know if an endorsement from Madonna would make any politician look good. That may just make him look like one of those politicians that try to get star appeal and I think that turns voters off.

Clark 04 blog: Yes- Judy Woodruff's CNN reported on Monday that Madonna had a 40 minute meeting with Clark and she is endorsing him as Presidential candidate.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 4:45 PM.COMMENTS

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Keziah: Do you have these George P pics? He looks so hot.
In New Yorker, they talk about the fan sites and what some say about him. One was about wanting to dip him in chocolate and wanting to eat him up. Maybe they put some of your posts. Well, when I send it to you, you can check it out. He likes being a bachelor.

Sunshine: No I didn't have the picture of him throwing the baseball. I figure that more pictures of George P. Bush would be coming out on the internet with his uncle running for re-election again. So George P. was in the New Yorker recently?

Keziah: No Sunshine it was Bill Hemmer that was in the New Yorker Magazine.

Mari: First of all to everyone who continues to consider George P. Bush as being Mexican let me set the record straight he is NOT Mexican he is PUERTO RICAN. If you are going to consider yourself to be a fan of his you need to study out his heritage. Ladies, I am sorry to break your hearts but I need to tell everyone that George P. Bush is currently engaged and will one day be a married man. I received this information for a reliable sources.

Ann: Mari no harm intended. I think we all think he is a fine man and I am happy for him that he is getting married. I think he a handsome Bush in the Bunch. He may be President someday too. Who knows? But I did read his mother was from Mexico. I read that on the Internet. Don't know how true that is though. You never know if anything on the Internet is true. I wish the handsome man much luck in marriage and in life.

Mari: Dear Ann, I am glad that you understand that everything that you may read on the web may not be true therefore, I suggest that research should be done on George P. Bush's culture. I have no doubt that he WILL be president one day and possible our nations youngest president. Ladies, the only reason that I brought the fact that George P is currently engage is because many of the comments on this website speak of George as a piece of meat at the meat market verse speaking of him as the gentleman that he is and granting him the respect that he deserves. We should keep in mind that a lady should act as a lady i.e. the way we speak of a man is the way we respect ourselves.

Michael: I sure don't mind being treated like a piece of meat, nor does any other man I know of, unless he's got a little sugar in his blood. Mari get real. I don't know a man who doesn't love attention like this. In fact I'm envious. I don't know how the Hell I got on this site anyway.

Ann: Not to bring that up that heritage thing again Mari, but I read on Gov. Jeb Bush's website that his wife is Mexican born. That would be pretty strange if Gov. Jeb's Official web site was wrong about that. I don't care if George P. Bush's mother is Mexican or Puerto Rican. She has a nice looking family and I think the Spanish side adds to what makes them so pretty.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 11:21 PM.COMMENTS

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Stephanie: I was in Jordan when Prince Hamzeh got married. Many people where talking about it. I even got pictures e-mailed to me. Prince Ali is a great person. He is very down to earth and polite. He is very smart, handsome and a sexiest bachelor. When he was going to school in the states he hung out like any other young guy. He never made anyone feel that he was different. Even In Jordan he is very down to earth when he can.

Sunshine: I may not post that cause I'm a bit shy of posting things that are fact. I just want opinions, but that is a sweet complement to him. Thanks Stephanie

Curious: Just wanna know if Princess Haya has married.

Sunshine: Curious I don't know, but I my brother thinks she is so pretty. I think the whole Jordan Royal Family is pretty.

Stephanie: The late King Hussian and Late Queen Alia had a unique beauty. The latest I've heard from people in Jordan Princess Haya is not married.

Sunshine: I think Prince Ali is adorable and so is the rest of Jordan Royals. I just kinda feel sorry for all the People in the Middle East, there is just so much war going on over there. I hope they find peace someday. I used to read books on King Hussein that said that was his main goal was to find peace. I wonder what the people of Jordan are thinking now that Saddam has been captured. Iraq is a whole different world now. I always worry that the Middle Eastern people will think Americans are war lovers or something. I hope not, cause we are not. We are peace lovers. We just really can't control our government. I think Bush is doing a pretty good job, but I was totally against this war with Iraq. I voted for Bush, but I don't know if I'll do it again. People are looking at the out come of the war here in America and it's looking good in our favor, but that is only as of now.

Keziah told me Prince Ali was in charge of security for Saddam's daughters. I'm so glad Saddam's daughters were not getting killed like their brothers were. I wish the death over there would end. I'm about sad and sick of hearing about it. I wasn't happy to hear Saddam's sons were killed. I hear all these bad stories about them over hear in America, but you never know if they are true or not.

Keziah: I don't think Haya is married. If she was it would have been announced already. She is a professional equestrian and she usually participates in competitions. She was in Jordan a few weeks ago and she held a couple events. I'll send you the pics I have. She is so pretty and so smart. She speaks lots of languages and does lots for underpriviledged kids around the world. Prince Ali was in New York with King Abdullah. Ali just gets cuter and cuter. He should put out his own calendar or something cause something that fine shouldn't be hidden away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaJuan Talk of Stars 10:37 PM.COMMENTS

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Johnny Depp

I just could not get any better looking.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 9:56 PM.COMMENTS

<$Talk Of Stars$>

Johnny Depp In Pictures

LaJuan Talk of Stars 9:53 PM.COMMENTS

<$Talk Of Stars$>

Johnny Depp

Hey folks the hot man of the year is Johnny Depp. Read some of the things that are going on for him this year at his fan site that is always updated by his fans. Johnny Depp was also named Sexiest Man Alive this year by People Magazine. Go Johnny Go!!!

Johnny is named Entertainer of the Year by E! The show will air 9 pm EST on E!

Great new photos from Secret Window at Joblo.com. !!

Pictures of Johnny in LA with Jack Osborne. !

Johnny interviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine - The 2003 Yearbook issue

LaJuan Talk of Stars 4:19 PM.COMMENTS

<$Talk Of Stars$>

All Talk Blogs Are Now Open to The Public

OK folks all blogs are now open to the public if you want to post on any of the Talk Blogs go right ahead, please remember that I have the right to remove anything that I consider to be vulgar, cruel or just not right. So enjoy posting if you love to be a blogger. We have many talk sites open to the public now.

First we have the new Talk of Stars that has just open. Here you can talk of any celebrities you want.
Talk of Stars Username=TalkStars

Second we have the Sports Talk Blog. Here we talk of anything that is sports related.
Sports talk blog Username=TalkSports

Third we have the Hot Men blog. Here we post men we think are hot.
Hot Men Blog Username=TalkHotMen

Forth we have Talk of Men. This is where we talk about men.
Talk of Men Username=TalkMen

Fifth we have to People's Talk blog. Here you can talk of all People.
People Talk Blog Username=PeopleTalk

Just sign in at blogger and start posting.

LaJuan Talk of Stars 10:52 PM.COMMENTS

Talk of Stars

This blog was made to talk about famous people of

the world...The talk or written words on this blog is from the

general public...Please feel free to comment on any of the

talk boards. The links are in Pink on the left side of this web page.